Fostering Change Podcast | Episode 104 | Pam Willis

Pam and her husband have been married 33 years, raised 5 biological children (the youngest is 20). 8 years ago they became foster parents and began caring for children in their home. Pam led down a road of foster care and as a surprise to their life plan, 2 years ago, adoption of a set of seven siblings from the foster care system.  They have a second chance at parenting, and they have a second chance at a family after their first parents passed away in a car accident.

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Story Key Notes:

  • Adopting 7 Sets of Children Siblings 
  • History of the 7 Children
  • Adjusting into a New Home
  • 5 Biological Children’s Reaction to Adopt New Siblings
  • Process to Adopt 7 Set of Children Siblings

Learn more at https://www.comfortcases.org/