Fostering Team Culture for Business Success

Adam Torres and George Arabian discuss George’s new book.

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Show Notes: 

New book alert! In this episode,  Adam Torres and George Arabian, Managing Partner and VP of Sales at Steelhead Ventures, explore George’s new book, Mission Matters: World’s Leading Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Top Tips To Success (Business Leaders Vol. 7, Edition 13).

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About George Arabian

George is currently a Vice President of Sales for Absolutdata, Technology Inc., an Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning / Advanced Analytics solutions company focused on the Enterprise Market. George brings decades of experience as a sales leader in the technology sector bringing innovative technologies to market, having been a key contributor in three IPOs and two profitable exits over his career.

George’s core competency is driving revenue growth that transitions early stage Startups to their Explosive Growth Stage. He has developed over the years an approach to growth which removes the barrier between sales and marketing to efficiently execute a “growth function,” which scales revenues. George leads Steelhead Ventures Growth Services (SHGS) and under his leadership SHGS offers our clients an agile sales model that delivers predictable revenues that he has spent a career developing.

George like his brother Gary being a San Francisco Native leverage their deep roots in the Bay Area to open doors for our portfolio companies and clients with George also providing introductions and access to his extensive network of F500 Enterprise relationships.

George currently servers on the Advisory of Jack London Park Partners, the first privately funded 501C, managing a California State Owned Park, has served as the committee Chairman of Young Life Marin as well as on the Father’s Club Board, at St Ignatius High School in San Francisco.

About Steelhead Ventures

Steelhead Ventures, LLC , is owned and managed by George Arabian and Gary Arabian. With deep experience in scaling revenues for fast-growth technology companies and in commercial real estate brokerage, Steelhead offers distinctive value to our founders and the companies we invest in. We specialize in helping our founders and their teams scale revenues at any stage in a company’s life cycle and provide access to our extensive network.