From an Au Pair to Franchising Community Art Studios

In this episode of The Entrepreneur Next Door, Zev Asch speaks with Hannah Perry, Owner of the Giggling Pig Art Studio. Hannah grew up in England and studied at Beverley College in Yorkshire, where she earned a degree in childhood education and development. Seeking a new cultural experience, Hannah left England, family and support to become an Au Pair and work  with children with special needs.

Along her journey Hannah discovered an unmet need: an outlet for children to express their creativity in a welcoming and safe environment – schools are not the answer as art falls by the wayside. Hannah’s answer was to open an art studio in her local community. 

Hannah’s approach to unleashing kids’ creativity is to encourage “drawing outside the lines” – she uses her academic training and experience working as an Au Pair to provide a much needed confidence boost in a way that allows kids to just express themselves  – everything goes when it comes to self expression through art. Over the years, Hannah has used her education and experience to develop amazing programs that cater to all ages.  Find out how Hannah was able to scale her original community based art studio into a thriving business. 

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