From Chaos to Clarity with Marci Hopkins

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“Once I put down the drink, I just celebrated 7 years of sobriety… is when I really started healing from all of the pain from my trauma.”  Today, host Rob Scheer discuss addiction, abuse and amazing recovery with Marci Hopkins, author of “Chaos to Clarity: Seeing the Signs and Breaking the Cycles”. Marci is also host of the daily TV show, “Wake Up with Marci”, a show of “empowerment, celebrity inspiration, and learning to live our happiest lives!”.  This week’s episode of Fostering Change will enlighten and inspire you.

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Story Key Notes:

🖐️ Chaos To Clarity; Seeing The Signs and Breaking The Cycles

🖐️ Marci’s story of addiction and sexual abuse; her recovery

🖐️ How long have you been in recovery and how has it changed your life?

You can find out more about Marci by visiting:

Website: www.wakeupwithmarci.com

Facebook: @wakeupwithmarci

Instagram: @officialwakeupwithmarci & @hostmarcihopkins & @wake_up_with_marci 

YouTube: Wake Up with Marci

Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/talkshowhost

Join the “Chaos to Clarity Community”: https://wakeupwithmarci.com/chaos-to-clarity-community/

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