From Execution to Excellence with Jane Bond

Adam Torres and Jane Bond discuss Jane’s book.

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Show Notes:

Many people want to break into the real estate industry. It can be tough. Where do you start? In this episode, Adam Torres and Jane Bond, Broker Associate at The Bond Group and Author of How to Land Your First Million Dollar Listing and Become a Top Agent In Your Market and Host of From Execution to Excellence, explore Jane’s book and how it’s helping agents achieve their dreams.

About Jane Bond

Jane Bond, principal of The Bond Group, works with entrepreneurs, career professionals and individuals in the high net worth community generally. Her clients include celebrities, entertainers, professional athletes as well as many Wall Street finance executives. Working with clients who demand extremely high levels of excellence from those around them requires Ms. Bond to bring her A-game at all times.

Armed with a background in finance, entertainment, interior design, international travel and now luxury real estate, Jane brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her clients’ disposal. One client remarked when asked what Jane brings to the table, “quite simply Ms. Bond is the table”. Jane has taken the client service experience to next level concierge luxury status. Going above and beyond is simply the beginning. Whether it is purchasing, listing or negotiating investment properties for her clients, Jane is always thinking outside the box. Her ability to see angles and opportunities that others typically miss is a key weapon in her armory.

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