From Healthcare to Personalized Lifecare with Gina Fioretti

Adam Torres and Gina Fioretti discuss personalized lifecare.

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Show Notes:

Healthcare changes in the future to become personalized lifecare is an exciting concept. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Gina Fioretti, Founder & Epigeneticist at mylifeIQ, explore the future of personalized lifecare.

About Gina Fioretti

Scientist, entrepreneur, speaker and innovator of consumer genomic testing. Developed the first gender-specific weight loss program based on one’s DNA. Has been an educator to health care practitioners and Fortune 500 companies on the paradigm shift of optimized genetic expression and longevity.

mylifeIQ is a culmination of my many years of learning, failing, succeeding, and connecting dots. For over 12 years, She has been developing practical solutions for individuals that are accessible and actionable. mylifeIQ’s core values; simplicity, accessibility and efficiency. They give people information about their bodies that is too hard to access and too confusing to use. By merging epigenetics and technology, they can begin to upregulate ‘good’ variations, downregulate ‘bad’ variations, consider all the other contributing factors, and allow the body to run efficiently rather than a deficit. And quality of life improves. 

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