From Not Knowing What a Mortgage was to Principal and Co-founder with Kendra Rommel

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An intriguing conversation with Kendra Rommel, Principal and Co-founder of Futures Financial, about being driven by money in a positive and powerful way through real estate and coming together to innovate new ways of doing the processes of this business for the benefit of all.

Kendra Rommel launched her career in the real estate and mortgage business at the very young age of 17, after a friend coaxed her into leaving her job at Nordstrom’s, not even knowing what a mortgage was. She forged her path forward without concern about being the most polished, but with pure dedication and determination, she has become a professional powerhouse in her own right.

A consummate mortgage professional, Kendra has spent the last 12 years in asset management, capital markets, and private lending. Her career successes align with her innate zest for life, personal growth mindset, and philosophy that positive well-being dramatically impacts performance.

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