Future of Cloud Based Phone Systems with David Malone

Adam Torres and David Malone discuss cloud based phone systems. 

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Show Notes:

Cloud based phone systems are bringing a new level of connectivity to many businesses. Have you considered how having a cloud based phone system can benefit your business? In this episode,  Adam Torres and David Malone, Vice President of Sales at InteractiveTel, explore cloud based phone systems and what business owners need to know.  

About David Malone 

David has been in the Top 1% as a Sales Executive and Sales Director / Manager in the Automotive Industry for the rewards he has received over the last 8 years. He teaches his team powerful sales techniques and he has also sold and trained employees and customers about Automotive Software and CRM tools. David has Managed a Sales staff that covers the U.S, Canada, Australia, South Africa, UK and other territories and he has a strong passion for helping his customers and Sales staff reach their sales and marketing goals.

David likes to create strategic brand marketing with his sales staff and customers that help generate his customers top revenue which separates him and his customers from the competition. He has created partnerships with Auto Dealerships throughout the World especially in Canada and the United States.

About InteractiveTel, Inc

ASP Telephony solution developer offering SaaS telecommunication applications. Our firm develops custom telephony applications that enable our Dealers and CRM partners to offer call capture and recording from their phone system including recording their main number and every extension for inbound and outbound calls. 

We are a leading provider of interactive communications solutions for a large range of organizations and industries–Automotive, Marine, Real Estate, Action Sports, Advertising Agencies and Enterprise clients. We offer our partners and customers a broad choice of solutions from hosted telephony solutions, inbound and outbound calling recording and tracking, call center applications, interactive services to communicate with your web visitors instantly to complete network solutions for large enterprise customers.

We offer sophisticated unified communications, from pre-packaged to tailored applications, without any capital investment. We recognize that the value of a communications solution is different for every business. Our portfolios of solutions are highly scalable, secure, easily managed, and optimized to meet the evolving communications needs of our customers.

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