Future Story Launches with Mike Wittenstein

Adam Torres and Mike Wittenstein discuss the recent launch of Future Story.

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Show Notes:

  • Brand narrative
  • Storytelling
  • Marketing 

Engaging a target audience has long been the goal of brands. What if there were an innovative way to do just that?  In this episode, Adam Torres and Mike Wittenstein, Founder & Managing Partner at Storyminers, explore how Future Story is connecting brands with consumers.

About Mike Wittenstein

As a change-management consultant, I’ve seen countless companies struggle to keep up with evolving expectations and nimbler competitors. Innovation is stifled by internal resistance and well-meaning leaders’ strategic visions aren’t as clear as they thought. I understand their frustration and their uncertainty about the future. And I know that typical mandates to ‘do more with less’ are no longer genuine attempts at change, but rather sustained avoidance of it. And when employees, leaders and board members can’t even say what their company stands for, it’s time for a new approach.

That approach is called StoryMining, my company’s proprietary toolbox of consulting, workshop and customer experience methodologies that has helped businesses around the world get unstuck and move forward. At the program’s heart are ‘future success stories,’ novel and surprisingly effective narratives for engaging executives and staff alike on a clear strategic mission. As it turns out, humans are wired for stories. Here, everyone gets to be a hero of the story by playing a key role. The result? Strategic wins, an enhanced bottom line, and memorable, shareable customer experiences.

I’ve honed my unique approach as IBM’s official eVisionary. Since then, leaders at brands like Adobe, Chick-fil-A, Apple, Transitions, LeasePlan, and Delta have brought me in for my strategic skills and warm personal style as a C-Suite advisor, technology integrator, data interpreter, credentialed Customer Experience designer, and multilingual event speaker. I’ve helped hundreds of leaders pull all the pieces together to tackle tough, high-stakes issues, while winning accolades too numerous to count in the retail, tech and services sectors.

About Storyminers

In a world where how quickly and deeply you can connect with customers matters most, you simply can’t ignore the impact of their experience with your brand. A t every touch-point and every moment. That’s what Storyminers does. We help your company’s experiences connect with your customers.

When you invite Storyminers in, you get an accurate peek at your future. Our thinking and tools are future-friendly and can help you focus on your ideal future state and how to get there. We are leaders in the industry at introducing tools and methods that make the leap from what you know (data) to what you do (experience design). 

We have worked on 700+ engagements in retail, tech, and a wide range of service businesses. In 100+ cities in 25+ countries. With a world-class team of on-demand specialists from our business ecosystem. The work we have done with clients is measured as over $1.5 billion in value created through sales won, expenses cut, and brand value added. We are ready to help you with your customer experience challenges as coaches, consultants, facilitators, or speakers. We will roll up our sleeves with you and bring expertise, passion, and practical know-how to you and your team.

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