Game Day Experience – Mills on the Mic

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In this episode, Host Jen Mills talks about the game day experience and what to expect on the gameday on SoFi. She also answers your questions about the game day. Watch this episode of the Mills on the Mic podcast to learn more.

Watch Full Interview:

Story Notes:

  • Game day at SoFi
  • Parking on SoFi
  • Parking Pass
  • Map of the Stadium
  • Forum Parking
  • What time to get to the Stadium
  • Trailer Store & Team Store
  • Game Day Pin
  • Hispanic Heritage Month
  • SoFi Lounge
  • Download the SoFi App
  • Club Seats
  • Field Level
  • Smaller Store
  • Stadium Foods
  • Every Level has a Bar Area

Connect With Jen on Twitter: https://twitter.com/JenniferMills21