Gary Vestal Talks About Meeting Athleisure & Activewear Customer Demand

Gary Vestal, Founder of Inspr Exchange Outfitter, was interviewed on Mission Matters Business Podcast by Adam Torres.

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Inspr Exchange Outfitter is a clothing brand specializing in athleisure and activewear. With a mission of motivating people to do great things, founder Gary Vestal believes anyone can make a change; they just need some inspiration.

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How did the company start?

Vestal came to the US at the age of nine, a young overachiever who had to reacclimate himself to his new environment. Years later, when his father passed away, Vestal joined the military to support his family, but never felt at home there and decided to get into business instead. After a few years of selling cars, working for insurance companies and even starting a brokerage firm, he says it took multiple failures before he actually made any money. 

To people wishing to start a business, Vestal advises taking things one step at a time rather than attempting everything at once. Through Inspr Exchange Outfitter, he says he wants to inspire new businesses and help those in need.

How is Inspr Exchange Outfitter different from the rest?

The athletic wear brand plans to make its products seasonal, Vestal says, and to launch a series of unique and innovative new designs soon. To stand out, he explains that he keeps a constant eye on his own company’s insights and performance as well as that of the competitive landscape. Even resources like LinkedIn are great for keeping tabs, he says.

What helps you keep a competitive edge?

Inspr Exchange Outfitter tries to offer products based specifically on what its customers say they want, like pockets or storage, for example. Keeping that particular request in mind, the brand recently launched a sports bra with a storage pocket in the back. Customer response, Vestal says, has been positive.

What’s the future of Inspr Exchange Outfitter?

Vestal says he looks forward to establishing distribution centers around the country, and hopes to expand the brand’s offerings into household items and technology to meet the demands of its audience.

To learn more about Inspr Exchange Outfitter and Vestal himself, visit insprexchange.com and garyvestal.com.