Generation Arts One Act project

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On this episode of the PIX Podcast, we are joined by the members of Generation Arts – Addie, Trevor, and Noah – who are the playwrights and directors of the Night of the Bazaar :Three Stories of Mystery and Suspense. We learn that this is their first realized project as a group, and they discuss the process of writing their scripts and turning them over to actors for interpretation. They also discuss the process of creating their own set pieces and props, as well as the challenge of communicating their vision to the actors. Finally, they discuss the challenge of the compressed timeline and their plans for the future after they graduate.

Story Notes:

  • Playwrights and Directors of the Night of the Bazaar
  • Performing at the Pix on February 24, 2023
  • Night of the Bazaar Cast
  • Process of Writing Scripts
  • Twilight Zone Episode

Learn more at: https://www.centerfortheartslapeer.org/