Getting Gigs for Group Exercise Teachers with Tony Baker

Adam Torres and Tony Baker discuss Fit Group USA.

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Show Notes:

Group exercise teachers now have an alternative way to get gigs that is different than the typical big box gym model. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Tony Baker, Community Outreach Manager at Fit Group USA, explore how Fit Group USA is helping group exercise teachers thrive.

About Tony Baker

Teaching yoga is his Jam! After trying several different career paths, yoga was the first that he truly loved and wanted more of. After finishing his 200 hr training through yoga alliance, he immediately started teaching and freaking loved it. In his classes, he holds nothing back and enjoys packaging up his life experience in a way that students can relate to their own lives. He loves to see people give their best, whether that is pushing themselves further or scaling back and giving themselves a much needed break their body is craving. He believes within, in all of us is an original greatness, something that is uniquely theirs and given to them to share. Not many things get him more excited than to help people reveal their true original greatness.

About Fit Group USA

They are passionate about bringing fitness to YOU! Their team has been in the industry of changing lives for decades! They want to provide you with the most effective workout for you in a space that feels comfortable for you!

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