Getting More Leads by Doing Customer Experience Right with Brittany Madden, MA

Adam Torres and Brittany Madden discuss customer experience.

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Show Notes:

Have you considered creating a customer experience that drives leads? With this strategy, your current customers could become the best source of future business. In this episode, Adam Torres and Brittany Madden, MA, Founder & CEO at Leverage Digital Design, explore what it takes to create a customer experience that drives leads. 

About Brittany Madden 

She has had a multi-faceted career in Design and Marketing working my way up to Director of Digital Design before starting Leverage. She has worked in many industries including big-data technology, fashion, sports and brand management with brands such as Kenneth Cole, Disney, Under Armour, St. Tropez, Renaissance Hotels, Living Spaces and Stila. Her work can be found across the US and Canada in retailers such as Walmart, Target, The Bay, Shoppers Drug Mart, Sears and many more.

Her online presence can be found in many other international regions such as: Brazil, Turkey, UK and India. I have a Master’s Degree in Design specializing in Brand Strategy and Marketing from University of Leeds and a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Chapman University. Her favorite thing to do is build businesses by pushing online sales and promoting higher revenue for the companies she works with.

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