Getting Products On Retail Shelves with Michael Sweeney

Adam Torres and Michael Sweeney discuss retail distribution. 

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Show Notes:

Many business owners would like to have their products on retail shelves. Accomplishing this task can be difficult with competition for limited space. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Michael Sweeney, Partner & CFO at WolfPoint Group, LLC, explore what it takes to get retail distribution in today’s marketplace.  

About WolfPoint Group, LLC

WolfPoint Group is a sales representation, consulting and new business development firm based in Minneapolis, MN, USA. It serves manufacturing, service and retail clients primarily in consumer packaged goods, consumer electronics and health & beauty industries. It strives always to create unquestionable value for both buyers and sellers by leveraging its network, experience and inventive thinking to drive profitable results. 

Utilizing its principal partners’ over 100 years of combined retail knowledge, WolfPoint helps its clients become smarter and more effective amidst a retail landscape that is more complex and challenging than ever. 

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