Gettysburg: A Nation Divided Augmented Reality App with Michael McGar

Adam Torres and Michael McGar discuss the Gettysburg App. 

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Show Notes:

New App alert! In this episode,  Adam Torres and Michael McGar, President at QuantumERA, explore the Gettysburg: A Nation Divided Augmented Reality App which was a 2019 MEA Award Finalist. 

About Michael McGar

Michael McGar was awarded a grant to found the Apple Multimedia Center in 1989 at a college in Dallas, and ever since he has worked to push the edges of media in education. Augmented Reality provides amazing new tools to engage and immerse students in a way that was not possible until now.

He is currently working to open new worlds and inspire imagination by creating experiences for students to travel back in time and witness events as they took place, on the exact location where they occurred. He also wants students to have that same experience in a classroom or at home, since not everyone has the ability to travel to historic sites.

Our team of top historians, artists, animators, developers, and amazing writers, bring experiential educational media to a new level of engagement and learning. The path of exploration for me has never been more exciting and challenging, the reward has been seeing young learners, eager to learn more, and teachers happy to help light the way.

About QuantumERA

QuantumERA makes your stories more memorable with hyper-real experiences that immerse users into stories. Contact us to bring your book, museum of history to life. QuantumERA innovates with immersive, non-linear experiences that dive into other eras and worlds utilizing technology like augmented and virtual reality. Users are transported to places that have only existed in their wildest imagination, taking a quantum leap in both time and belief — and becoming part of the action themselves.

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