Global Music Producer Krystalán Chryssomallis Releases Women in Business Book

Krystalán Chryssomallis and Adam Torres bring together 18 women leaders for the inaugural edition of Mission Matters: World’s Leading Entrepreneurs Reveal their Top Tips To Success – Women in Business Edition Volume 1, published October 15, 2020. 

Chryssomallis contributed a chapter titled “Gnothi Seauton (Know Thyself): Lessons from a Global Music Producer.” As a global music producer, Chryssomallis has put on some of the biggest shows in the business, set in more than 60 countries and including a two-night show before the 4,500-year-old Great Sphinx of Giza in Egypt featuring a live video broadcast from the International Space Station. 

“Much of my life has been an exhilarating whirlwind, living in and experiencing some of the most exciting and unusual locations in the world, where I have been so fortunate to encounter and learn from new cultures, people, and places,” says author Krystalán Chryssomallis

Drawing from her Greek heritage, Chryssomallis writes about the lessons learned contemplating the ancient saying “gnothi seauton,” meaning “know thyself,” and the advantages applying this concept can lead to in business.  

According to Chrysomallis, “When doing business internationally, the concept of ‘know thyself’ has been absolutely critical – as I believe it can be for anyone who travels or works abroad. ‘Know thyself’ has helped guide my questions and ability to understand any new culture I was immersed in.” 

This book showcases women business leaders and aims to serve as a platform to continue the discussion around diversity and inclusion globally. 


Krystalán Chryssomallis is a global music executive that has developed artists and managed productions around the globe. Chryssomallis has designed multimedia productions, integrated online branding and marketing projects and PR initiatives in partnership with major multinational companies and organizations, including Disney, NASA, and the World Wildlife Fund, in addition to the Governments of China, Egypt, Tunisia, and Brazil, among others. 

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