Global Negotiation with Christine McKay

Adam Torres and Christine McKay discuss global negotiation.

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Show Notes:

Negotiation skills are important for many businesses. But how many of us know how to negotiate properly? In this episode,  Adam Torres and Christine McKay, Global Negotiation Strategist & CEO of Venn Negotiation, explore the world of global negotiation.

About Christine McKay

Montana born and raised. Honor student. Unwed teen mom. Formerly homeless and on welfare for roughly eight (8) years. Three daughters at age 22. Wanted a different life and made one. Harvard MBA. Seasoned executive and negotiator. International business professional. 53 countries. Negotiated with 67 of the Fortune 100. International speaker, published author, and former Adjunct Professor.

She is passionate about finding common ground and resolving complex issues on behalf of her clients. She particularly love turning the non-negotiable into negotiable. She negotiated for companies of all sizes and in many industries. She have worked extensively in merger, acquisition, and divestiture environments. She focuses on her clients’ financial and operational success by accelerating the negotiation process, positively impacting profitability, and educating others. Most importantly, she deliver results. 

About Venn Negotiation

Achieving real benefits from a negotiation requires understanding more than the deal. It means understanding your business. As business professionals, they analyze and develop hypotheses of what deal success might look like. They factor in the operational impacts to areas such as customer service, supply chain, IT, etc.They have negotiated with hundreds of companies on behalf of their clients. Regardless of deal type (e.g., sales, sourcing, software licensing, restructuring, M&A), they bring decades of experience to the table. They have extensive international experience and have worked throughout Europe and Asia. Their deep knowledge allows them to uncover the answers to difficult questions, develop creative solutions to resolve them, and obtain a business agreement that works.

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