Going All-in With Ryan Companies

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Hosts, Vince and Jenna talk with Todd Schell, Executive Vice President, Industrial Sector at Ryan Companies US, Inc. Todd brings more than three decades of experience to his role at Ryan as Executive Vice President of the Industrial market, with an extensive preconstruction and construction background. He leads a team of specialists dedicated to the planning, design and construction of distribution and manufacturing facilities, with a focus on an integrated approach that translates into collaboration and superior results for customers. 

Todd’s emphasis on strategic growth is strengthened by his understanding of overall project development and management, complex customer needs, industry trends and national markets. He understands the importance of high-quality service and creating an ideal customer experience from start to finish. Todd grew up working for his father’s construction business, and the values instilled in him continue to inform his decisions as he builds our nationwide network and produces facilities that meet our customer’s financial, aesthetic and operational goals

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Story Notes:

  • Todd Schell Background
  • Getting into the Cold Storage Industry
  • What is Ryan Companies
  • Ryan Companies Work Culture
  • Favorite Projects that you worked with
  • Shrinkage Compensated Floor
  • Cool Moments in the Industry

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