Good Schedules Save Companies Millions of Dollars with Marco Juarez

Adam Torres and Marco Juarez discuss scheduling.

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Show Notes:

Can creating the correct schedule save a company money? In this episode,  Adam Torres and Marco Juarez, Senior Partner, Coleman Consulting Group, explore the benefits of getting scheduling done right.

About Marco Juarez

Marco has more than 20 years of experience in organizational development and operations management. Clients from a wide range of industries including call centers, utilities, mines, manufacturing plants, and distribution centers have saved millions of dollars implementing solutions he has designed. There is no better team than Coleman Consulting Group at designing and implementing solutions that save significant money.

Coleman Consulting Group has been in business since 1984. Their group merged with Blue Pumpkin Software (provider of call center workforce optimization software) in 2000 and helped them become profitable and triple their value by 2004 when they divested. To this day, intellectual property their team developed is still utilized in Verint’s Impact 360 Workforce Optimization solution (Blue Pumpkin Software was purchased by Witness Systems which was subsequently purchased by Verint) under a license agreement. 

About Coleman Consulting Group, LLC

Coleman Consulting Group implements workforce management solutions for clients across a variety of industries. They are made up of a highly qualified team of experts with backgrounds in manufacturing, operations research, technology, consulting, management, operations and management execution systems applications. Through innovative shift schedule design and implementation, they close the gap between execution systems on the plant floor and business systems by implementing workforce management solutions that benefit your company and your employees.