Graham Farrar | Glass House Brands

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On today’s show, Scott sits down with Graham Farrar, President of Glass House Brands. Glass House Brands is one of the most rapidly growing, vertically integrated, public cannabis companies in the U.S. focusing solely on the California market and growth prospects. Graham is a serial entrepreneur with more than 25 years of experience, who taps into the explosive growth of emerging markets.

As an original pioneer in the tech space, Graham served as part of the original team at software.com, a company which enabled the collection and delivery of email, Software.com went public in 1999. Shortly thereafter, Farrar was on the Board of Directors of Seacology, a nonprofit focused on protecting island habitats and assisting local communities. The nonprofit funds for various needs of villages — whether it be a schoolhouse or health clinic — in exchange for agreements to create forest and marine reserves. Since its founding in 1991, it has launched more than 200 projects with villages on islands in 61 countries and protected roughly 1.3 million acres of some of the world’s most vulnerable ecosystems.

Thank you to Graham Farrar of Glass House Brands for coming on the show.

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