Grant Funding for Startups with Sedale Turbovsky

Adam Torres and Sedale Turbovsky discuss grant funding for startups.

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Show Notes:

Grant funding for startups is a hot topic. The problem is many startups don’t even know they may qualify for grant funding. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Sedale Turbovsky, CEO at OpenGrants, explore how OpenGrants is connecting startups to grant funding.

About Sedale Turbovsky 

Sedale has been an entrepreneur since childhood. After honing his leadership skills as an outdoor guide in his younger years, he started his professional career as an independent consultant focused on business development and data analysis. He is experienced in independent grant writing and public/private partnerships at the highest level, having worked directly with OpenGrants’ current strategic partner, Momentum. He is also well-versed in working across cultures and environments, with over five years’ experience as a consultant in Argentina and Chile.

Prior to OpenGrants, Sedale served as the CEO of carbonBLU, a successful SaaS startup solving challenges in clean vehicle and fleet management. Sedale led the company through MVP and helped secure a pipeline of over $1.5M in government contracts. During that time, he gained intimate knowledge of the challenges and pitfalls of applying for and managing grant funding as a technology startup, which was the impetus for OpenGrants. Sedale brings with him a history of leading successful teams, experience with—and deep connections to—the public sector, and a passion for building companies with a strong social mission.

About opengrants.io

Egeria is a SaaS platform that facilitates the efficient and wise deployment of public funds by reducing barriers to access and increasing accountability. In the United States each year, federal, state, and regional governments issue trillions of dollars in public funding opportunities and government contracts. Every dollar passes through a flawed system.

Many of the existing barriers to access and inefficiencies of deployment can be reduced or eliminated through the implementation of user-friendly enterprise-class technology. Egeria brings a software-first solution to the public sector that will alleviate wasteful spending and support productive public-private partnerships.

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