Growing Your Money with Henry Daas

Adam Torres and Henry Daas discuss money management.

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Show Notes:

Managing finances is an important part of running a successful business or household. But how many of us know how to do this properly? In this episode, Adam Torres and Henry Daas, Business & Personal Finance Coach at daasKnowledge and Author of Fq: Financial Intelligence, explore practical principles to managing finances.

About Henry Daas

He provide professional coaching for entrepreneurs & business owners of companies with top-line sales under $10mil. My approach is entirely bespoke — meaning it is custom-tailored to you. He doesn’t sell a system — like, 5 steps to scale your business or some such. There are plenty of those around so if you think that’s the answer, have at it. In his experience — he have 30+ years — you can’t learn how to level up from your friends, books, the latest unstructured mastermind. You know because you’ve already tried. You need one-on-one coaching. Sounds pretty self-serving, no? Doesn’t make it any less true…

He act as a trusted resource in helping lead your business to unprecedented success. His approach is half art, half science, and 100% rooted in his client’s best interest. Most ‘coaches” have never run any business other than their coaching practice. Not a knock, just a statement of fact. He’s a serial entrepreneur with numerous successful businesses under my belt across a variety of industries. Clients respect my hands-on, fully tailored approach if for no other reason than he have walked in their shoes.

When he tell his clients, he is “All In,” he mean it. He work hand-in-hand with the business owners, founders and visionary entrepreneurs exclusively to truly understand and appreciate what keeps them up at night. And what gets them revved up in the morning! Together, they work through strategic plans to accelerate revenue growth, drive business continuity, develop go-to-market strategies and execute tactical sales/marketing campaigns. All so they can level up without losing their minds!

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