Hammitt Grows it’s Luxury Leather Handbag Brand in Style

Adam Torres and Tyson Koska discuss creating a financial plan. 

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Show Notes:

Hammitt is one of the fastest growing luxury leather handbag brands in the U.S. Hammitt bags are sold in over 800+ stores nationwide, including retail giants like Dillard’s and Von Maur. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Tony Drockton, Founder & Chief Cheerleader of Hammitt, discuss entrepreneurship, Hammitt and the future of America’s luxury market.  

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About Tony Drockton

Tony is the Chairman and Chief Cheerleader at Hammitt, the fastest growing handbag brand in the US. Hammitt bags are sold in over 800 stores nationwide, including retail giants like Dillard’s and Von Maur. The company had over $31M in revenues in 2021.

Tony is a four-time entrepreneur. His first business was a roofing company, which he grew to become one of the leading construction companies in Los Angeles. He also started a digital ads company during the first internet boom and a mortgage business before getting into the fashion industry in 2008.

Tony started Hammitt in the garage of his house in Hermosa Beach, LA. He had to sell the house and sleep on friends’ couches during the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, to keep the fashion brand going through the recession. Amazingly, he bought back that home after Hammitt took off and lives there today.

About Hammitt

Designed in California, Hammitt presents a world where form meets function, quality materials triumph, and lifetime promises reign supreme. Made with premium leather and jewelry-grade hardware, we design to surprise and delight with innovation and evolving functionality, so you can celebrate every moment confidently.