Helios Builds Inspired Teams with Josh Allan Dykstra

Adam Torres and Josh Allan Dykstra discuss the #lovework App.

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Show Notes:

New app alert! In this episode,  Adam Torres and Josh Allan Dykstra, Co Founder and CEO at Helios, explore the #lovework App.

About Helios

Helios is a transformation partner for large organizations who want to work in ways that energize everyone. To scale their energizing #lovework approach across your entire organization, they certify your people development team through an experience called Launch.

Need to see that their approach will work in your organization before you get certified? 

Get started with our revolutionary #lovework™ Team Pilot. This experience provides a simple learning program that builds psychological safety and phenomenal collaboration in just minutes per week (seriously), using the powerful new #lovework™ mobile app. It’s their mission to create a world where everyone can #lovework.

P.S. Don’t miss their TEDx: “How Work Can Heal The World” https://joshallan.com/tedx

Helios is also the official Strengthscope® partner in the United States.

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