Helping an Aging America Downsize and Move with Cindy Greer

Adam Torres and Cindy Greer  discuss downsizing. 

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Show Notes:

Many Americans are downsizing to simplify their lives. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Cindy Greer, CRTS, CEO at Transition With Care, LLC, explore the downsizing process and how Transition With Care makes it easy. 

About Cindy Greer, CRTS

Her focus as owner of Transition With Care,LLC is to provide specialized services with compassion to seniors and their families to reduce the physical and emotional stress that goes along with downsizing, moving and later in life transitions. Their services and support can make the difference between an emotionally negative and physically exhausting experience for an individual, as opposed to a successful one with a positive outlook on their new home and surroundings.”

About Transition With Care, LLC

They exclusively serve seniors who have made the decision to downsize or relocate to a new home. Through personalized assistance and guidance, they can help make your next move stress-free from beginning to end.

Their team of moving and relocation specialists have years of experience easing the emotional and physical aspects of relocation for older adults and their families. With a client-centered approach they ensure your needs are met to your satisfaction in order to save you time, money and needless worry.