Helping Business Owners Thrive with Dr. Loren Williams

Adam Torres and Loren Williams discuss small business.

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Show Notes:

Many people would like to launch a business but do not know how. Using a proven plan is often a good route to increase the probability to success. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Dr. Loren Williams, Licensed Professional Counselor at Dr. Lo’s Wellness LLC and Regional Director of Programs at Sunshine Enterprises Chicago, explore Sunshine Enterprises Chicago and Dr. Lo’s Wellness LLC.

About Loren Williams

Dr. Loren Williams (Dr. Lo) has been providing mental wellness services in various communities for over 15 years. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor whose specialty areas include; sexual assault, trauma, depression, anxiety, domestic violence, and child-parent psychotherapy. She is extremely passionate about offering affordable wellness services including mental health therapy as she believes everyone should be able to access therapeutic services.

She also has several years of experience in assisting others as they start and/or scale their small businesses. Dr. Lo’s Wellness strives to address the strong lack of engagement between minorities and the mental healthcare industry which arises as a result of cost, stigma, and lack of cultural competency.

Their mission is to assist all of their clients in achieving overall wellness of spirit, soul, and body through a variety of services. They strive to purposefully walk alongside their clients to help them accomplish goals that will lead to a life they love.

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