Helping Business Owners Who Aspire to Financial Freedom

 Adam Torres and Lorin Young discuss financial freedom.

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Show Notes:

Many business owners may want to achieve financial freedom but fall short of their goals. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Lorin Young, Business Scientist at Business CPR, explore what it takes to succeed in business.

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About Lorin Young

Business CPR is how you close the gap between what your business actually earned and what it should have earned. It is how you build cash reserves in the bank through the association of cash to blood, profits to the heart, and reporting to the nervous system in order to make the relationship between cash and profits easier to manage.

Both Business CPR and the 7-P Framework have been developed over a broad 30-year career, spanning work as a Fortune 100 executive to the refiner’s fire of small business ownership. Visit lorinyoung.com to find tools and tips to help your hard work translate into more cash in the bank and less stress in your life. 

About B-CPR Management Platform

Every hard-working business owner deserves to have their energy result in owning an increasingly profitable business, with predictable cash flowing through it.  The Business CPR platform has been built for those business owners and managers seeking to learn what they can do smarter, not harder to make more money with less stress from their business.  It is a collection of basic business terms, frameworks, models, and formulas for solving different business problems.  

Each video has been designed to help you realize your sales, profit, and wealth creation goals.  It is targeted to those who struggle with identifying what actions they need to start, change, or stop to improve cash flow from superior profits.  

They don’t produce teaser videos that hold back the core information you need to make more money by forcing you into our “sales funnel.”   The information you need to make more money is here; all you have to do is study then apply the information to your business.