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Adam Torres and Sue MacArthur discuss Strategic Talent Management.

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Show Notes:

Strategic Talent Management is on a mission to help businesses solve their hiring challenges. In this episode, Adam Torres and Sue MacArthur, President at Strategic Talent Management, explore the current hiring landscape and what business owners should be planning for in 2023. 

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About Sue MacArthur

Sue has developed our national recruiting practice into being one of four key service areas. Prior to joining STM, Sue had a dynamic career in the areas of human resources and operations. She has held leadership positions at Westin Hotels, John Hancock Financial Services, and Manpower Staffing Services; and has  worn many hats with a variety of startup companies.

About Strategic Talent Management

Understand Yourself, Your People, and Your Culture – It all starts here. By assessing your people using our in-depth tools, Strategic Talent Management clarifies your company culture, pinpoints the source of people’s challenges, and gains valuable insight into what needs to change with individuals and your processes. 

Benefits include:

  • Increasing Productivity
  • Minimizing Turnover
  • Making Well-Informed People Decisions
  • Unlocking Your People’s Potential
  • Strengthening Company Culture
  • Recovering Valuable Time & Energy

Four Core Service Areas:

Hiring & Recruiting Services, Succession Planning, Coaching & Development, and Human Resources Consulting are all interconnected parts of our business. STM’s in-depth assessments accurately determine the people challenges your business is facing and how best to solve them. With this information they develop tailored solutions that address your organization’s unique challenges.