Helping Businesses Schedule Meetings with their Ideal Clients

Adam Torres and Dave Valentine discuss the Avadel Agency.

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Show Notes:

David owns seven businesses and has worked with Fortune 100 companies like Target, Time Magazine, and American Express, over the past 16 years. In this episode, Adam Torres interviewed Dave Valentine, Founder of Avadel Agency. Explore how Avadel Agency is helping business owners scale.

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About Avadel Agency

Avadel is a delightful team of high-energy, fast-paced SDR experts based in Fort Worth, Texas. Our core values are tenacity, curiosity, initiative, authenticity, accountability, and humanity. We bring all of that and more to the table to help your business thrive.

Avadel Agency connects you with your ideal prospective clients! – You get your first three meetings completely free – They scale their efforts to your plan goals, you don’t pay for hours worked you pay for results delivered – Every contract is on a month-by-month basis, no long-term commitment required.