Helping Companies Innovate with Larry Heminger

Adam Torres and Larry Heminger discuss innovation.

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Show Notes:

The innovation culture in San Diego is strong. Right in the middle of this innovation is MemComputing, which is disrupting the high performance computing market. In this episode, Adam Torres and Larry Heminger, Chief Information Officer at MemComputing, Inc., explore MemComputing’s new computer architecture aimed at removing the bottlenecks for solving NP-hard optimization problems.  

About MemComputing, Inc.

MemComputing represents the future of computing performance through its disruptive software-based MemCPU™ Coprocessors, delivering quantum computing performance on any computer. It takes the most complex and time-consuming problems faced by industry today and solves them in minutes or seconds, empowering companies to make optimal business decisions. Our novel MemCPU™ Extreme Performance Computing (XPC) SaaS solves the largest and most complex industrial computations associated with optimization, big data analytics and machine learning. Proven to deliver the performance of quantum computing today, our clients are using MemComputing to solve problems that are impossible given classical or quantum methodologies. 

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