Helping Fashion Startup Founders with Frances Harder

Adam Torres and Frances Harder discuss fashion startups.

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Show Notes:

The world of fashion startups can be tricky to navigate. With so much complexity, where is a founder to start? In this episode,  Adam Torres and Frances Harder, Owner at Fashion For Profit Consulting, explore how Fashion For Profit Consulting is helping entrepreneurs thrive in the fashion industry.

About Frances Harder 

Self described Fashion Designer gone insane! After designing and having her own name under license in Japan and teaching fashion for 20 plus years, She self published a series of self help books for those starting their own apparel business. Under Harder Publications. Around the same time she founded the Fashion Business Incubator (FBI) an educational nonprofit housed now in the Control Collective in the heart of the LA Fashion district. Since founding the FBI to provide valuable business development, it has since grown and now provides all types of job training specific to the apparel industry.

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