Helping Financial Advisor Navigate Crypto and Digital Assets with Adam Blumberg

Adam Torres and Adam Blumberg discuss crypto and digital assets.

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Show Notes:

Crypto and digital assets are becoming increasingly popular. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Adam Blumberg, Co Founder at Interaxis, explore how Interaxis is educating financial advisors on crypto and digital assets.

About Adam Blumberg

They provide education to Investors, Financial Advisors, Bankers, and other professionals about Cryptocurrency and Digital Assets. They are launching the Interaxis Academy RIA Crypto Ready program, which will help guide RIA’s through a process to help get them ready to advise clients that are interested in Cryptocurrency and Digital Assets. Their decades of experience in Financial Services, plus our popular YouTube videos have created a unique vantage point, and we want to share that with other Financial Advisors.

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