Helping Founders Expand and Sell their Wellness and Professional Services Practices

Adam Torres and Christy Morrell-Stinson discuss expanding and selling businesses.

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Show Notes:

What should Founders consider before expanding to new locations? In this episode,  Adam Torres interviewed Christy Morrell-Stinson, Business Expansion Strategist at Significant Advantage. Explore what founders need to know about expanding and selling their businesses.

About Significant Advantage

Business Sales, Mergers, & Acquisitions (along with Commercial Real Estate Advisory) to provide valued representation to buyers, sellers, and investors through Keller Williams On The Water. They have hundreds of stories of how business owners like Wellness Practice Founders have accelerated their enterprise value while reducing the number of days they work in their business.

Significant Advantage facilitates business expansions and they provide a high value exit strategy. They develop proprietary business coaching and consulting programs for our partners.