Helping Parents Monitor their Kids Digital Life with Derek Jackson

Adam Torres and Derek Jackson discuss the digital life of kids.

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Show Notes:

With technology and new platforms coming online at a faster rate, modern parents need tools to keep track of their kids’ digital lives. Social media monitoring tools are an important part of this new reality. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Derek Jackson, Co-Founder and CTO at Cyber-Dive Corp. and Host of “Let’s Sleep On It,” explore how Cyber-Dive Corp. is empowering parents to keep track of their kids’ social media activity.

About Cyber Dive

Cyber Dive is a comprehensive tool for parents to see what their children are doing online. Our easy to use dashboard gives parents the information they need to eliminate worry, initiate conversations, and deepen their relationship with their children. Co-founded by a Mount Everest summiter and an ex-military intelligence officer, both of whom are fathers looking to get a better grasp on social media for families everywhere, including their own. We have created a ‘one-stop shop’​ for all things related to your child’s online activity, the good and the bad. If we believe something requires more of your attention we will send you an alert. With a touch of U.S. Special Forces data analysis tactics and a dash of color, we will help you reclaim your relationship with your child. What do you need to do? Take all that time you spent worrying and snooping and invest it elsewhere.

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