Helping Professionals and Leaders Connect with Michelle Enjoli Beato

Adam Torres and Michelle Enjoli Beato discuss connecting for career opportunities.

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Show Notes:

Landing the next big job is the goal of many. But how do you do this? Submit applications online? Network? In this episode, Adam Torres and Michelle Enjoli Beato, Founder at Connect with Michelle Enjoli, explore how Connect is helping professionals find career opportunities.

About Michelle Enjoli Beato

A bilingual keynote speaker, career and leadership mentor, travel and coffee lover who has spent my entire career connecting people and ideas through the art of storytelling and a hot cup of coffee! My passion for human interest stories, current events, technology, youth, career and leadership development has translated into a career in television broadcasting, public relations, event management, digital marketing, coaching and public speaking. In an ever changing world, I’ve taken my vast array of experiences and created a toolbox of strategies to assist students, professionals and leaders in using the power of connection to light their heart and career on fire! Today, I mentor, speak and facilitate workshops on how to connect to find your first career opportunity as a student, how to connect to find career opportunities both inside and outside of your current professional world and how to connect with your team as a leader.

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