High Velocity Selling Habits with Stone Payton

Adam Torres and Stone Payton discuss Business RadioX.

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Show Notes:

High velocity selling habits are the key to success for many. In this episode, Adam Torres and Stone Payton, Managing Partner and Radio Host at Business RadioX, explore high velocity selling habits and what it takes to succeed.

About Stone Payton

He helps small business owners win more local business and dominate their local market. He’s delighted to help any small business owner share their story and Get The Word Out about the great work they’re doing for their market, their community, and their profession . . . but only take on consulting engagements with Elite Top Performers in B2B Professional Services.

About Business RadioX

Get The Word Out . . .

Every week, they interview dozens of  innovative entrepreneurs and successful leaders committed to Better Business.  So if you’re interested in sharing your experience with our audience and serving your business community, take a moment to explore the wide variety of B to B shows we produce here at the fastest growing business radio network on the planet. Forget about Big Media ambushes and memorizing “sound bites” — They’re pro business, and they want to hear your story. You’ll have enough time to share your insight and experience without commercial interruptions and traffic reports.

They feature business professionals interviewing their peers, drilling down on the critical issues, and delivering practical information to an engaged audience. If your company is doing something interesting to genuinely serve your market, please contact their hosts directly through the contact page on their show’s website and pitch them your story.  Business RadioX ® hosts are always looking for established business owners, thought leaders and executives with something compelling and relevant to share.

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