Highs and Lows of Owning a Travel Company with John Calthorpe | Passion of Exploration

In this episode of the Freedom Travel Podcast, Annie Collins, Owner & Travel Architect at Freedom Travel LLC, interviews John Calthorpe, owner and travel planner with Prestigious Travel UK. They share highs and lows of owning a travel company, the concepts, stories, philosophy and their shared passion of exploration.

Some of the topics discussed

  • How John accidentally gets into the travel business
  • Getting bit by the travel bug
  • Exploring Wales & Scotland 
  • Relationships with experts–surround yourself with experts
  • Starting a business with starry eyes and the difficult early days
  • Panic/Nightmare stories and how one recovers
  • Travel philosophy–It’s the client’s vacation, after all.
  • A passion for Scotland.  
    • Edinburgh is a wonderfully vibrant city.  
    • I love to get out on the roads of Scotland because it is one of the best countries in the world to get lost in with wide open spaces and gorgeous landscapes.

John Calthrope is one of our travel partners and can be reached through Freedom Travel,llc or directly:

Prestigious Travel UK
Office: +44 (0)1303 258193
Out of Hours Tel: +44 (0)208 1446439
Mobile/CellTel: +44 (0)7525 922256

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