Hiring Top Tech Talent with Kevin Krumm

Adam Torres and Kevin Krumm discuss hiring tech talent. 

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Show Notes:

With so many companies competing for tech talent how does a company stand out? In this episode,  Adam Torres and  Kevin Krumm, COO of Objective Paradigm, explore how companies can put themselves into a position to hire great talent. 

About COO of Objective Paradigm

Objective Paradigm (OP) is a premier recruiting firm servicing innovative companies by connecting tech and business development talent with opportunity. They do this by leveraging our commitment to relationship building, our years of experience in the market, and by keeping a constant pulse on the technologies that are available for researching and sourcing today’s best talent.

OP specializes in Direct Hire and Dedicated Recruiting Services (DRS) while offering staffing and Salesforce talent placements via the experienced and extensive Talution Group network. 

From enterprise organizations to high-growth start-ups, our teams are dedicated to ensuring ‘wins’ for both clients and candidates.