Hiring What You Need, Not What You Want with Michael Fanghella

Adam Torres and Michael Fanghella discuss hiring practices.

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Show Notes:

Hiring the right person for the job is crucial to long term success for any business. But “over” or “under” hiring can create problems for any business. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Michael Fanghella, Managing Director at Santa Fe Advisory Services, explore hiring the right personnel as a business grows.

About Michael Fanghella 

He provides strategic operations & project systems-based management, marketing & sales in multiple disciplines not limited to the digital ad network development, acquisition & sale analysis, management of commercial & multifamily real estate, specialty finance, oil & gas producing well leasehold acquisition & finance. Many assignments included the analysis of the marketing & new business development with SaaS and cloud-based companies in their infancy. He brings to the table what most companies need desperately, a voice of experience, with a “can do” mentality who is not afraid to roll up his sleeves & get the job done.

About Santa Fe Advisory Services

Santa Fe Advisory Services, is a management consultant firm specializing in small to medium corporate development, restructure, change management, turnaround management, finance, business plans consultancy with emphasis on Marketing and Sales both on internet and off. This a collaborative effort to succeed. We ask we listen and then provide solutions that work for you. We specialize in working with “Start Ups” & “Next Wave” Mentality entities.

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