Hitting Bottom While at the Top: Super Agent to the Stars Darren Prince Survived Opiate Addiction

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Darren Prince has THE A-list of clients like no other, and he talks about many of them in this special episode of LEVELING THE PLAYING FIELD. From baseball card trading in high school to representing the biggest names in sport and Hollywood, Darren built a $100 million dollar agency by the time he was only 38 years old, while high on opiates 24/7 since he was 23.  Yet, he still wasn’t happy. After several overdoses and becoming suicidal, he hit bottom at the peak of his career, and life of lies, before he saw the light…literally. 

Listen in to this stunning story of exaggeration, desperation, now inspiration from a man who now believes his super powers are gratitude and empathy. Then, if you feel you need his help, or someone you know needs him, he invites anyone struggling to reach out and touch him via:

instagram: agent_dp

phone:  888-6-DARREN

foundation: https://aiminghighfoundation.org/

corporate: https://pmgglobal.llc/

best seller: Aiming High

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