Holistic Birth with Tiffany Becton

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Honeypot Doula, has great advice for the mothers and fathers preparing to bring their precious gems into this world. Too often in the Black community, holistic education and experienced professionals are not resources readily available. No worries, “Get You a Doula,” Tiffany is here to be an addition to your family! With love, empathy, and arms for nurturing mothers into surviving nature’s baby bliss moment. 

Tiffany Becton, 43 years old, born and raised in Akron, Ohio, a wife, mother of 4(3 girls 1 boy) 4 grands. She loves trying to heal the world with herbs and natural remedies. Tifanny used to suffer from anxiety and depression, so she found things that made her feel good. Tifanny loves dancing as therapy and just for fun, and she loves all kinds of music. She was also a vegetarian for 3 years and planning on going back. 

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