Home Equity as a Buffer Asset in Retirement Income with Shelley Giordano

Adam Torres and Shelley Giordano discuss home equity as an asset in retirement.

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Show Notes:

Planning for income during retirement is crucial. Should a person’s home be added to the list of assets available for income during retirement? In this episode, Adam Torres and Shelley Giordano, MA, Co Founder of the Academy of Home Equity in Financial Planning at the University of Illinois, explore the benefits of adding a home to potential sources of income in retirement.

About Shelley Giordano

My background in reverse mortgage lending is diverse and includes origination, sales management, and industry leadership. I read a very early article article written by Barry Sacks, PhD, JD , in 2005, and since then have advocated for the protective power of housing wealth in the retirement distribution phase.

I support the conservative, proactive use of housing wealth. In addition I promote responsible lending principles. As Chair of the Funding Longevity Task Force at the American College of Financial Services, I strive for collaboration among thought leaders in academia, regulatory agencies and financial services firms that are investigating the proper role of housing wealth in retirement.

I strive for the right of the American retiree to have access to accurate information on how reverse mortgage lending works, and how much it costs. My years in the industry have proven that product innovation is not necessarily in the best long-term interests of the consumer or the taxpayer. Because the US Government is the ultimate backstop for the HECM ,therefore, I do not support product innovation at the expense of the taxpayer. Most importantly, I am devoted to helping retirees, especially Baby Boomers, understand that housing wealth may contribute to a financially secure retirement. 

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