Honoring Values and Traditions by Creating Delicious Tasting Wines – Blue Cork Winery and Vineyard

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In this episode, We were introduced to the Blue Cork Winery and Vineyard and its owners, Michelle and Angelo Tantaros. Host Nancy Kowalik talks with Angelo Tantaros about their delicious tasting wines and how they come to the US and pursue their American dream.

The Blue Cork Winery and Vineyard is an Italian & Greek, family-owned winery owned by Angelo and Michelle, focused on continuing their journey and honoring their values and traditions through creating delicious tasting wine to enjoy with their friends, family, and customers.

Watch Full Interview:

Story Notes:

  • Blue Cork Winery History
  • Building the Family Empire
  • 100% Natural Brew
  • Working in the Winery
  • Mobile Wine Bar

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