Hostaway is the World’s Leading Vacation Rental Management Platform

Adam Torres and Marcus Räder discuss Hostaway.

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Show Notes:

It’s no longer enough for property managers to market their rentals on one booking channel. They need to adopt a business model which makes them present everywhere, all the time, which is exactly what Hostaway helps them do. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Marcus Räder, Founder and CEO of Hostaway, explore how Hostaway is empowering property managers and owners. 

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About Marcus Räder: 

Marcus started his first company when he was 11. Since then he has been learning about the world of business, growing up in an environment where global communication and connectivity gets better each day. With 10 years of experience in online marketing at various startups,  he decided it’s time to help others.
The sharing economy is here to stay and he works to accelerate the development, one step at a time. By founding Hostaway, he gets to help Airbnb hosts improve their businesses. Marketing and sales automation is important, and the entire sharing economy industry can learn a lot.

Having experience in business development, growth hacking and product development is a great tool set for launching a new service, but the most important resource is connections. 

About Hostaway:

Hostaway is an All-in-One vacation rental software solution for growing property managers. We provide tools to automate and simplify marketing, sales, communication, operations, reporting and accounting. Our software is different from every other PMS and Channel Manager, because it is flexible and grows with your business. It’s customizable and we provide an amazing team that helps you set it up and cheer you along your path to success.

Hostaway is also the largest marketplace for vacation rental software and tools. Our Marketplace features over 100 solutions and our team can recommend you solutions to every imaginable problem. Hostaway is privately owned and funded by a comprehensive network of VC’s and entrepreneurs.