How 6 Key Numbers Can Make a 6 Figure Difference in Your Law Firm with Brooke Lively

Adam Torres and Brooke Lively discuss Brooke’s process.

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Show Notes:

Many firms are looking to grow their revenue and practice. But how many know how to do this consistently over time? In this episode,  Adam Torres and Brooke Lively, President and Founder at Cathedral Capital, Inc. and Author of From Panic to Profit, How 6 Key Numbers Can Make a 6 Figure Difference in Your Law Firm, explore how Cathedral Capital is helping firms succeed.

About Cathedral Capital, Inc.

We believe every company needs the guidance, support, and advice of a competent CFO, but few businesses can afford to employ one full time. Cathedral Capital works with entrepreneurs who have revenues of up to ten million dollars to provide the strategic and logistical support necessary to achieve their goals – whether those are growth, succession planning or an exit plan. By working with a number of companies we give you the best of both worlds. Expertise when you need it without the added overhead. 

Cathedral Capital steps in and assumes the responsibilities of a Chief Financial Officer.  A traditional in-house CFO is a financial steward that maintains the integrity of financial reporting and concentrates on cash, profit margins, and risk mitigation.  We believe that entrepreneurs need more from their CFO.  They need an advisor who will act as a valued partner to help shape strategy while still mitigating risk.  In addition, Cathedral Capital serves as a hub to manage all your strategic financial relationships such as your Accountant, Banker, Bookkeeper, 401K Plan Sponsor, and Attorney.  Establishing and managing these relationships clears the path for future interactions while freeing up the CEO’s time to concentrate on building the business.

Companies with revenues of up to 10 million dollars have a need for these services but rarely have the budget to hire a qualified full time CFO.  By providing these offerings in a virtual setting, Cathedral Capital spreads the salary expense between multiple clients and relieves the client of associated overhead.  It also enables our companies to have access to individuals with specialized knowledge exactly when they need it – in a cost effective environment.

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