How AI Can Change Radiology with Ty Vachon, M.D.

Adam Torres and Ty Vachon discuss AIs potential for changing radiology.

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Show Notes:

AI has changed many industries and businesses. Healthcare has been the beneficiary of many advancements through the years. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Ty Vachon, M.D., AI Consultant and Advisor at ORA Informatics, explore how AI has the potential to change radiology.

About Ty Vachon

His experience as a primary care doctor prior to radiology has provided a great deal of insight in workflow associated with the integration of those fields. My many years as a high school teacher before medicine continually reminds him to look at the whole picture and how he can make the biggest impact with his skill set. He has been influenced by an economics slant sparked by recent popular literature such as Supercrunchers, Nudge, Crowdsourcing, Tipping Point, and Freakonomics.

There are powerful concepts in various stages of development to include machine learning, clinician decision support (computer programs that help doctors order the right labs, CT scans, MRI’s and ask all of the right questions), bidirectional electronic medical records (think online banking but with your doctor to check labs, radiology reports, make appointments, send home blood pressure or monthly weight from bluetooth enabled products), Apple Health Kit and genetically designed pharmaceuticals. With these influences, He has started many projects at his current hospital identifying useful data trends for leadership action and ultimately improved patient care.

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