How Ai is Changing Digital Marketing

Adam Torres and Diaa El All discuss digital marketing and AI.

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Show Notes:

Advances in AI are affecting many industries. What about digital marketing? In this episode, Adam Torres and Diaa El All, VP of Business Development at SiO Digital, explore how AI is changing the digital marketing landscape.

About SiO Digital

SiO Digital is a creative inbound marketing agency based in Downtown Los Angeles and San Diego. SiO reinvents the digital marketing world by combining mathematics with inbound marketing called iNBOUND iNTELLIGENCE.

We focus on attracting customers through a dynamic smart content approach by creating tailored, relevant and helpful content— not interruptive. It is the marketing that people love with a smart leads acquisition and sales intelligence closing approach. SiO is in total control of the business ROI by using artificial intelligence and a high level of mathematics but also able to forecast it with 80% accuracy.

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