How AI is Changing Real Estate with Chuck Hattemer

Adam Torres and Chuck Hattemer discuss AI and real estate.

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Show Notes:

AI has changed many industries for the better. Real estate is one of the sectors that has benefited greatly from AI advancements. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Chuck Hattemer, Co-founder and CMO of Onerent, explore how AI is changing the real estate landscape and what the future of investing may look like.

About Chuck Hattemer

At the age of 21, he and his friends stopped school to focus on one of the most un-sexy industries to start in: real estate. With his personal background in marketing and film, the transition to real estate was not immediately clear. But when the concept for Onerent surfaced, he was so excited and passionate about solving such a real, tangible problem.

Everyone needs a place to call home, and I get the opportunity to impact that experience. Brainstorming new ways to manage someone’s home is like coming up with new ways to surprise or shock an audience with a great film or marketing message. Onerent wasn’t just another app or platform–it deals with people’s investments, homes, and livelihood. Our input directly affected the day-to-day outcomes of life and home.

About Onerent

Onerent is a residential real estate technology and services company that combines the power of a software platform with data-driven human logistics to efficiently manage rental properties. The proptech company leases and manages a portfolio of over $1 billion in residential rental properties. It provides a truly on-demand and seamless experience for property owners and renters. Onerent’s technology enables its team to provide on-demand showings, instant renter screening, AI-powered leasing data, proactive maintenance recommendations, autonomous move-ins, guaranteed rent payouts, and 24/7 support.

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