How B2B Decision Making Has Changed with Kevin Dixon

Adam Torres and Kevin Dixon discuss B2B sales.

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Show Notes:

B2B buying decisions have changed significantly through the years. Some have not changed their sales process to accommodate the new ways of doing business. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Kevin Dixon, Founder at Boxxstep, explore how businesses can adapt their selling process to align with their prospects buying process. 

About Boxxstep

B2B selling has changed, but have you evolved?

We’re on a mission to help sales teams win more deals by helping them to become buyer-centric.

The more you focus on and understand what’s important to your prospects the greater the results you’ll achieve.

Boxxstep complements your CRM by focusing on opportunities from the buyer’s perspective.

Engage – The who, why, what, when and how of the deal, including relationship mapping.

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